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HP Support Assistant

The HP Support Assistant is a build-in feature in your HP Printers and computers. It helps in the maintenance of your HP device by providing automated support, automatically updating your system, and also fixing minor issues on its own. The new HP desktop and notebook users can easily find the HP assistant pre-installed on their devices.

What is the HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant is software utility just like HP Printer assistant that comes pre-installed on HP devices. It has been developed for the convenience of the users so that they can easily fix the issues that come with their HP devices. With this, you can improve the performance and reliability of your device because it automatically updates the firmware and drivers. To start using the pre-installed HP Support Assistant, you just need to click on the “?” icon which is available in the system tray of your device.

How to download HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant download process requires you to follow some easy guidelines which you can easily find in this article. To download HP Support Assistant, do as described:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the official website
  2. When the home page opens up, click on the “software and drivers’ option.
  3. Now, you have to choose the icon that reads as “Let’s identify your product to get started”.
  4. Here you have to choose the device on which you want to install the HP Support Assistant.
  5. After filling up the required details such as HP Printer’s model number or serial number, click on the “submit” option. This action will make the server automatically detect the requirements and other details which are necessary for the download.
  6. Click on the “Download” button which is present under the HP Support Assistant software.
  7. Click on the downloaded .exe file to install
  8. Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation of the HP Support Assistant.

Notable features of HP Support Assistant

The HP Support Assistant comes with different features that work as functions. The list of features is as follows:

  • My devices : It gives you access to specifications, updates, messages, warranty and services, accessories, diagnostics and tools, and support resources for your HP device.
  • Support : This feature allows you to use support resources and contact options.
  • All-new design : By using this option you can see everything in a modern, easy-to-use interface.
  • Automatic fixes : This feature schedules automatic updates of your device for maximum performance.
  • Alerts and support status : Using this function you can easily stay informed with PC and printer alerts and can access the support status right in the taskbar.
  • Help tools : The tool allows you to get in direct touch with the technical support team.
  • Integrated diagnostics : The built-in diagnostic tools give lifelong support for resolving issues easily.

Download HP Support Assistant on Windows 10

HP Support Assistant Windows 10 download includes a process which includes certain steps. Before you find and download drivers, you are required to get the device model name and sometimes you also need to consider the requirements for HP Support Assistant for Windows 10 64 bit download.

  1. First of all, navigate to the HP’s “Software and Drivers” page.
  2. When you are redirected to the driver download page, you will see many drivers and software such as HP Support Assistant and HP Support Solutions Framework services option.
  3. Now, select “Windows 10” as the system option.
    (Note: if you are looking to download HP Support Assistant for mac, choose “mac” as the system option.)
  4. Here, click on the “download” button which is available under the HP Support Assistant option.
  5. Click twice on the executable driver file (.exe file) and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

How to uninstall HP Support Assistant?

In case you don’t want HP Assistant anymore on your device, then you can uninstall it. Follow the steps given below to disable HP Support Assistant:

  1. To remove HP Support Assistant, search for and open “Uninstall a program” option in your device.
  2. Now, navigate to the “Programs and Features” option.
  3. Here, select “HP Support Assistant”.
  4. In the end, tap on“Uninstall”.

Fix- HP Support Assistant slowing down computer

At times, the HP Support Assistant present on your device might slow down your computer. The pre-installed HP Support Assistant bloatware might eat up the memory of your computer. In this situation, it is better to remove the assistant from your device. The uninstalling steps for the same can be easily found in this article.

HP Support Assistant is useful software to automatically troubleshoot and fix issues that come with your HP devices. Its various features work as functions so that you do not miss out on any update with your HP device. The minor issues can be resolved easily if your device has an HP Support Assistant.

Although it comes pre-installed in the latest HP Printers and notebooks, if your HP device does not have one then you have to download it from the official website. Once the download process completes, you can use it to troubleshoot various issues and problems.

Yes you can easily turn off HP Support Assistant if you don’t want to take benefit of its services anymore or it is creating hassle in your work. To turn off HP assistant, you need to locate it on your device and uncheck the checkbox available next to it. you can turn off the Support assistant if your screen displays a message “HP Support Assistant stuck on completing the installation”.

The HP Support Assistant on your device has a quick access toolbar which helps you to use its various features. The features can be used as the functions which includes “My device”, “Support”, “All-new design”, “Automatic fixes” and more such options.

If you ever run into a problem with any of your HP devices, you can easily access its support. Yes, it does have a support phone number, which is available on the website. By dialing the number you can have a one-on-one conversation with the experts and get your issues resolved. If the HP Support Assistant virus issue is troubling you, immediately get help from experts.

To fix various issues with your HP device or HP Support Assistant, the website provides a “live chat” support option on the website. This option keeps blinking on the web page in either the left corner or the right corner of the page. You just have to click on it, and start your conversation by giving the details of your query.

The answer to this question is definitely yes. You can use HP Support Assistant to update drivers, automatically install computer updates, and also checks for and installs the updates in other useful utilities.

Every owner of HP devices is recommended to install and use HP Support Assistant because it is a one-stop solution to troubleshoot errors, updating your system as well as updating your drive. Therefore one must have it for the smooth working of their device.

To disable HP Support Assistant Quick Access:

  1. Click on the “HP Support Assistant” icon to open it.
  2. Now, select “Updates and tune-ups”.
  3. After this, tap on the “Other settings” option which is present on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. In the “How would you like to be notified?” section, uncheck the “taskbar” option.

HP does not recommend you to remove HP Support Assistant since it provides you with many features and services. At times, the HP assistant available on your device might start creating trouble in your work. In this situation, you may remove it and re-install it again. To remove the HP Support Assistant, you just have to right-click on it and then click on the “Uninstall” option. Now, click on “yes” to confirm deletion and restart your computer to save changes.

HP Support Assistant for Simplified Solutions

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Upon using HP Support Assistant, you will surely discover its all-new features.

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